Halo Magnificence Evaluation Closing Month-to-month Outcomes

100% sincere HALO BEAUTY REVIEW,
That is My final week video taking Halo Magnificence dietary supplements by Tati.

Please watch the primary video ❤ – https://youtu.be/OsMlIPksjsc

First Week Halo Magnificence Replace ❤️ _

Second Week Halo Magnificence Replace ♥-

Third Week Halo Magnificence Replace ❤️-

Halo Magnificence Evaluation By Tati (glamlifeguru) for a Month.

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27 thoughts on “Halo Magnificence Evaluation Closing Month-to-month Outcomes”

  1. Just finished your video. I'm so glad you've had good results. Definitely try IT Cosmetics. I have a feeling you'll love them. If you purchase from QVC.com they have a 30 day return policy and if you use something and don't like it, you just send it back (for any reason) and get your money back. They also take monthly payments and their prices are the BEST!

  2. IT cosmetics and PUR cosmetics (I think) are talc free cosmetics. If you're interested you should check them out. I use IT Cosmetics and they're such great products with high quality skincare ingredients and I know for certain they're talc free. BH Cosmetics just came out with 4 eye shadow palettes that are talc free. Also, the Huda beauty desert disk palette is also talc free. If you have any questions DM me on Instagram @jenn6226.

  3. I think that a lot of people want to see Halo Beauty reviews and with a lot of people and followers come some not-so-nice people who like to be critical over every little thing. You are beautiful and have a great personality so ignore the people who say "you look oily all the time". I don't think you look oily at all. Thank you for your review and I'm excited to try Halo Beauty.

  4. Hi Carolina, you might not see this comment but I wanted to mention that you shouldn't get so hung up on talc being the first ingredient in the Italian makeup you tried.
    By law, cosmetics made in Italy have to list talc as their first ingredient if it is included, no matter how much is used. Italian makeup is usually very good quality and I doubt a lot of talc was used, they just have to list it as the first ingredient to follow regulations

  5. I CALLANGE people whos using/are going to try HALO BEAUTY !! Carolina have made such a good job, so now it up to …..? Come on, all you TATI/HALO followers…I can't cos of my epilepsy/ psoriasis that lead to psoriasis-arthritis( at then,35,never heard about that before,ever..) /so my doctor said NO… please 😢 💜

  6. You can look at jordan byers video about it. It helped with her acne. BUT I think it depends on your body too. Pills works differently with everyone.

  7. I was watching and screaming "squeeze that pimple!!". Lol Nice video though. And I think it better not to squeeze it, it just satisfy me if its squeezed 😂😂🔘🔘

  8. As some one that try lots of skin hair .. supplement .
    Save your self the money and get this one from AMAZON for $15 with free shipping .
    This one definitely work ..
    And this company is not money greedy like Tati !!

    Hair Skin and Nails Supplement For Men and Women – All Natural Biotin, Keratin, Bamboo Regrowth Formula For All Hair Types – 60 Vegetarian Capsules – By Forestleaf

  9. That's because vitamines do not treat acne. Tati never claimed it would treat your acne. Hormonal medicaments or sotretinoinum normally does. Please go to an endocrinologist or dermatologist and see an actual DOCTOR.

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