Love Yoga – Day 9 – Belief | Ali Kamenova Yoga

Studying to belief life!
Do you discover belief to be a simple or a tough factor for you?

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40 thoughts on “Love Yoga – Day 9 – Belief | Ali Kamenova Yoga”

  1. I have been flowing with this yoga series as a start to my day to create a calm and strength, but today I was a little sore after running and our power yoga class #8, so I'm doing this this evening. I thought you'd find it interesting that people have been telling me I'm thinner, but I haven't lost weight? I actually think yoga is truly truly helping not only my strength and censoring but also lengthening my very bulky muscle components of my body. So it's making me up here as if I've lost weight. What a great bonus when that's not even the point of me doing this. This has been so far and absolutely amazing mental health yoga on the mat is how I would put it. I can't wait to do this tonight.

  2. Hi Ali I did not think this was a good class. I found the difficulty level much higher than previous days. Particularly, when I try to inhale and come up to Warrior 1, I find I always lose my balance and it really really disrupts my flow. Is my stance too large? Am I not trusting myself enough? Thanks as always

  3. Hi Ali and thank you for that journey! This is a goodbye for now, as it is the third time in a row that I find the class too challenging for me. I stopped it at the 26 minute mark, my body was shaking all around. I will be looking for an easier 30 days challenge, and I'll come back when my body will be lighter and stronger. Thank you so much for giving me something to look forward to and see you in a few month!

  4. Performed this flow yesterday and WONDERFUL. Since I am more than one month removed from the 30 day series, this was really challenging despite practicing yoga daily.

    I have continued practicing yoga daily and continued including moderately advanced yoga. I think I'm just about ready to go back through that 30-day series because there is nothing like it even with me attempting to create a playlist practice for myself LOL. There just seems to be nothing that is as difficult as that 30-day series, with chair after chair after chair.

  5. You know, Ali, I thought I’d be so tired after yesterday’s class, but hey, you showed me I can do a lot more with trusting my own strengths. It’s awesome! Thank you for your metaphors!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful class, Ali ❤ I took a break from yoga for a few months and coming back to this classes feels absolutely great. I feel energized all day and my sleep improved too. I love you so much! Namaste 🙏

  7. I am working through Love Yoga classes a bit behind schedule and jumping around using them a supplement to 1/2 marathon training. It is a nice way to stretch and strengthen in between runs. P.S. Sofie seems to be liking her comfy new bed.

  8. I loved the message and the last 10 minutes of the workout, however the rest was not for me. The repetitive knee to chest, downdog series irritated my elbows and wrists. I had to take child's pose for the last minute or so of it. I found in way more challenging than the power yoga class yesterday but not in a good way. I did break a sweat, so not all was lost on me. Thank you again for sharing and being a positive influence in my life.

  9. Dear Ali, I just wanted to thank you for all this wonderful work and effort you put into your videos! I'm late with the challenge and I'm doing day 9 today, but I feel much better and much stronger. There are no such words to describe my feelings. Thank you very much! My love for you is about 8 years old and it's just getting stronger.

  10. This class was very challenging for me because I still have a hard time stepping thru and get behind, but I know I will be able to do it with ease some day, just not today. Also, my heel pain is gone and I repeated day 8 just so I could do the whole thing for completeness. I'm also happy to say that my chronic shoulder pain and finger numbness is gone!! Thanks so much, Ali!

  11. Dear Ali, thank you for another great class! I'm trying to catch up here. I missed 2 days because I had a lot of work. I felt really bad yesterday, I wish I would have found the strength to do the class anyway, instead of eating chocolate at my self-pitty party. After the practise I feel a million times better 🙂

  12. One of my favorites in the journey so far. "Self-trust" could not be encouraged to be built in a more beautiful/subtle fashion than this one Ali 🙏
    Go back to this class everytime you have a doubt that's taking over; doubting yourself or your path…
    Grateful, thank you Ali 💕

  13. Today's practice is something that I'm so grateful for. In another classes I felt that I need to try hard to smile and stay focuse on my breath, but today I just smiled and flowed naturally, even in the difficult positions.
    Thank you very much for your enriching routines 🙏🏼
    PD: I started the challenge one day after it began.

  14. This was a great class. I do trust that my body can do what it needs to do. It was a hard class and hard to trust at times. Ali thank you so much for a powerful class before work. Namaste

  15. Trusting is a hard thing for me and I could see it at the beginning of the class, my balance was terrible and I could feel a lot of tension on my arms but then as it kept unfolding, I discovered some inner strength wanting to stand out and so it did. Letting go of the need to be in perfect balance and just listening to my breath I found the balance that I was looking for and the tension went away too. I finished it stronger, in a very calm state. I'm noticing that since I started the challenge, i guess because I mainly did it to shift my mindset, my focus, attention and commitment to myself have been greater and so my body can feel it. I don't swing anymore and even my transition to side planks, half moon pose etc and the way I hold them are different, with ease and integrity 😉 and its amazing how the mind shifts.
    I enjoyed this class very much. I sweat, shed some skin 😛 and smiled a lot. My inner heroe/warrior says Thank You, Ali! <3

  16. UNBELIEVABLE I DID ALL THE PLANKS! WOOHOO. Your tip in an early class to let the shoulder kind of sink took all shoulder pressure off and I only modified down dogs to avoid over extension of the recovering shoulder. Practice was amazing…my committment was to trust my body's ability to heal, to trust myself and trust my allies and immediately my muscle tension was gone. DID EVERY SINGLE POSE WITHOUT PAIN….I AM SO HAPPY I COULD SCREAM FROM THE TREE TOPS

  17. Hello beautiful Ali . This class was vital to my healing. My Mom died 3 days before Christmas I've been working through alot of stuff. Learning to trust life is a very important lesson. I just love this journey so much "MUAH" XO see u for day 10

  18. This was a great practice, for both mind and body. Trust is a hard thing for me, especially trust in others. It was nice to meditate on that while putting my body through these moves and trusting you to guide the way 🙂

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